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Top 5 TAMOXIFEN Side Effects (Including DEADLY!)


Most importantly. And this comes from the FDA. I'll compare and contrast the FDA says severe side effects of this drug are strokes, DVTs and developing clots. Classically in the lower limbs that can go up into the lungs it's called a pulmonary embolism it could be very deadly. Visual disturbances and retinal thrombosis interesting that we see this also potentially with clomiphene leg cramps. Also, they say malaise and fatigue biologists which is a keenest of the body. Bone pain, depression, anxiety and headaches.

Now the side effects that I see contrasting or comparing is from men from the streets from anecdotal men that are using these drugs with multiple other drugs. There's so much polypharmacy going on. I see classically I've seen DBT s and pulmonary embolisms, now you have to understand that there's so much going on medically with each man that if he has a hypercoagulable family history himself or he doesn't know but he's hypercoagulable and he's on the steroids. Which steroids themselves can lead to hypercoagulable states and then you start adding in other drugs like this drug you'll see DVTs classically. I've seen many DVT s and when I take a good history, I turn out to find that I can't always determine was it exactly after Tamoxifen was on, or was it related to another drug. But we have to bring attention to this because I think it is true. This drug definitely can perturb a man the type of hypercoagulable and lead to DVTs and worse strokes and pulmonary embolisms.

I definitely see my allergies and cramps and muscle cramps in the lower legs and the calves classically and men tell me directly after using this drug for a period of time. And then the CNS effects and these are general depression, anxiety and other issues of malaise. Now these are just CNS effects and again it's hard to tease out from the polypharmacy from the other drugs but I think it really does affect and it's going to have effects because it's modulating estrogen, it's modulating differently across the board and different systems in the body. Now my use when I use this drug appropriately for limited period in time I see myalgias, some cramps and I see CNS effects as I said - some depression, some worsening of anxiety. I have fortunately never seen DVTs strokes or public embolisms and I think in part I've been lucky but I also think mainly it's because I use it for a very short time period for the men. And I watch them very closely.

Now side effects continued. We have to discuss the amazing clinical effect in the streets and anecdotes that Tamoxifen is safe for alternative and as an anti-estrogen than aromatase inhibitors as far as HDL cholesterol. Now first off, I think it's true, there's no Studies on this, but I think it's true - it's softer on the HDL. But of course, there's polypharmacy men are on steroids. Testosterone even is going to lower men as HDL and a man that has a family history for coronary disease, he's maybe had coronary artery disease you have to be very careful with all these drugs together but I think it is true. It's a softer alternative because it definitely does not destroy the HDL panel as much as aromatase inhibitors but it definitely, we need to study this and for today it has to be of concern.

Top 5 TAMOXIFEN Side Effects (Including DEADLY!)

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