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Tamoxifen For The Men on Steroids and TRT


Rationale for use and how this drug can be used with men that are using anabolic steroids

Is number one – gynecomastia. Okay, that can be used on men that are on TRT and even suffering with steroids. The effects of this drug do block the initial phases of gynecomastia before there is a physical lump. And it's just sensational gynecomastia that men on TRT coming off steroids or just an organic man on TRT can use this drug for a limited time period, very limited time period because if you do it for a week or two maybe up to two weeks - you'll see that it does block those effects and then to restart it's a restart. And that he goes he stays on his TRT and the sensational gynecomastia goes away.

Again, you have to be very careful for not doing too many rounds of this because of a side effects. And at a certain point if he has got a calm as to you more physical gynecomastia you have to refer him for a plastic surgeon’s evaluation. You have to be careful with these men you can never give this drug to a man who has a hyper coagulate with a past history of DVT pulmonary embolism or a stroke or if he has a heavy family history of these things please you cannot use this drug I would not use it. And it is interesting that this again has to be differentiated that it's not a systemic or aromatase inhibitor - you're not going to block aromatase with this drug systemically so please don't stay on this drug too long. It's not used it should not be used for that reason and that's where the side effects will come. While a man on this you should be monitored physically and also CBC and a comprehensive metabolic panel should be monitored. Also, a lipid panel.

Continuation for rationale for use

This is classically used appropriately with many physicians have supported this in evidence-based documents for PCT – Post Cycle Therapy. Classically used to get men off steroids. Classically used with a dual selective estrogen receptor modulator regimen as it's used with clomiphene. We add it to human chorionic gonadotropin. They definitely can work.

I've done this for hundreds if not thousands of men to safely and effectively care for them as we wean them off and bring back their brain to testicles and wellness and see how they feel. It does work. Doctors - you should look at the data and you should do this. Or refer them to an expert that knows how to do this confidently. Don't just tell a man on steroids to leave the office and get off anabolic steroids. Please don't do this - it's very dangerous.

It's interesting that in PCT it can be used as that agent that's used with other drugs. It can also you be used alone. We found out that men that have been prior exposed in their central nervous systems to steroids they don't do well in the post period just on clomiphene. Depression can rule it can happen and it can be quite pronounced. This drug, I found, men can do better by itself as they may have anabolic steroids and they don't want to be put on esters of testosterone they want to give themselves a chance to see if they recover. This drug, monitored closely, a man can do well versus clomiphene. They can live on this for a while. They can do rounds of this on and off very closely monitored because it does increase endogenous antigens on a man but it's not as strong as clomiphene. Again, these drugs that I'm discussing this is all anecdotal although there are some research studies that are coming up and I commend those physicians. These drugs are very powerful and they're quite old and we know they have side effects. These are complicated drugs you need to use these under a physician's supervision and to be monitored I hope this helps thank you so much.

Tamoxifen For The Men on Steroids and TRT

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