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Hello everyone. I hope that everyone is safe during these crazy times and that everyone's social distancing. We're all doing the right thing and pretty soon, hopefully, the over there is. I would do a quick chat on Tamoxifen. That's the drug that some women go on after breast cancer. That is a maintenance drug and they'll prevent breast cancer to come back with the help of the drug.

Tamoxifen is a hormone suppressor. You only go on it, if you've had a certain type of breast cancer. And that's for breast cancers that are positive for hormones, because there're three markers with the type of breast cancers. Then you go up and down in different grades and levels. The markers are: that estrogen positive, that progesterone positive, and then you have 2-marker. And if you are positive in estrogen and progesterone (I'm not sure what happens, if you're only positive in one of those, I'm positive for both, which means that my cancer was feeding or developing on those hormones), so you get Tamoxifen given to you to suppress the hormones.

Now, I've been on it for nearly two months. When I first started it, I read the side effects and that's just like “Oh, God!” You know, it's like: “If this happens, rush to the doctor; if this happens, go to emergency; if this happens…” You are reading it and get scared. I thought: “Fortunately, I haven't had to do that, which is great.” The main side effects that I had are aches and pains in the body. The way I have described to me before I went on it was: it feels like you've had a heavy gym workout, when you've done nothing. And I can justify that it's a hundred percent true. And if you happen to have any injuries, any aches and pains before you go on it, it will make those worse. So, at this point I was getting that side effect, so that you tend to walk around feeling like you've had a heavy gym workout, and you've only just started your day, and you didn't go to the gym. They don't fall so then you have to work through that to be able to work out, because ideally you need to get your fitness up as much as you can in order to cope with the side effects of this drug. So, you're going into workout, saw and fatigues. That's an interesting thing to go through.

Another one is that it can send your periods all over the place, and for some women it won't, for some it will, depending on where EE stretching. Mine was really low, anyway, because, apparently, I'm not that far off menopause. So, I already mucked around. Let's be honest, you know, when you're at this age, and you're perimenopause, then all your cycles are all over the place. And mine is that since taking the drug I'm not noticing too much difference there. So, we just have to wait and see.

There is a chance that can't stop my periods entirely prematurely. There's a chance that can make them really heavy and bizarre. I'm just going to have to wait and see that I'm not far enough into it to find out.

I've been experienced many of the other side effects, because some of them are blood clots, thickening of the uterine lining. I'm going to have to have scans about every three to six months of the uterus to make sure that that's not getting messed around with. There's a whole list of them, but it's something that like.

I said that only certain women go on it. My mum had pre cancer ten years ago. She's not on anything like that. I have friends, who have had different types of breast cancers. They're not on this drug either. So, it's only for those that are positive with the drug, with the UM hormones. I've got to be on it for five years, so there's my little take on Tamoxifen. One tablet once a day, there is a small tablet. I'm doing quite nicely on it at this point, and we'll see how we go.


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