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Post Cycle Therapy with Steroids SARMS HCG


Hello, my name’s Greg Doucette. I'm a master's degree in kinesiology. Today the topic is about what to do for PCT after you do SARS or steroid cycle. Before I explain that I want to point out that I'm not a doctor, but I’m talking about my experience. So, you can read it for entertainment.

I'm going to explain an exact PCT, which I've used more for a beginner cycle. It's not like super advanced. So, if you're using tretinoin 1500 milligrams then it's not going to be strong enough for you. If you're doing SARS, like a powerful SARM cycle, like a stats arm cycle or a beginner steroid cycle, like intermediate dose or your first couples steroid cycles, then this could be something you might want to do.

Alright, just to get into a little bit of it, when you take steroids, your body stops producing testosterone on its own, because it's getting it from outside, and it's being injected inside your body. So, your balls go on vacation, because why would they work at producing testosterone, when you already have plenty of that. It's like we don't need to make testosterone. Balls shrink, because it's not working out to produce testosterone.

As for your cycle, you did a 12-week cycle, and it's over. And you gained 10 pounds of muscle, and you're happy as can be. Then you stopped, and then you're miserable, and you lose all your muscle. Why? That’s because you didn't do a PCT. Your balls shrunk up, and they went on vacation, and it takes a long time to get back to normal. By long time I mean six months a year, it's like forever.

Post Cycle Therapy with Steroids SARMS HCG

If your testosterone levels were 500-600, and then you took a cycle, and it's down to 50, then it could take six months or a year to get back to your old self. In that meantime, all that 10 pounds of muscle you built, it's now 9-8-7, and it gets back down to zero. And you're like: “What the hell was the point of that cycle?”

With a PCT it jumps and kicks the balls, and makes them work right now. Let's start making testosterone now. Vacation is over. So, that's what a PCT is for. Common issue or problem I see with people doing PCT is that half of you are doing it too early. You can't start a PCT, while you still have a ton of testosterone in your body. If you did your last shot on Monday, it doesn't mean that on Tuesday you can start your PCT. If it's already got a ton of testosterone, it's not going to start working. It's like: “I don't care if you started a PCT, I'm still on vacation.” You know, it needs some time, so you need to wait.

Next, you can't just go to the drugstore and say: I want some Nova, some Clomid and some HCG and so on. It's not a common drug that you can just buy at over the counter store like a supplement shop. Any PCT you buy, that's over the counter, is going to do next to nothing. It's not a real PCT. It is not strong enough. Anything over the counter is going to work 10% as much as Nova.

So, you can spend a hundred dollars on your made-up “money-making” steam supplement to pretend to mimic what Nova going to do, or you can spend your 50-100 dollars on your actual Nova. If you don't know where to get it, then go up to the biggest dude in the gym and say that you want to get Nova and ask him where you can get it. Nova is not even illegal. It's not even a steroid. Just find it on your own. You can go to the doctor and ask for it.

So, what are we going to do? The actual PCT cycle is over, and you did testosterone in whatever you then wait. A little bit of time, and then you're going to start with HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin. 

This you are going to start 3-5 days after your last shot. This is the beginning stages of the PCT. It's going to be done before we add anything else in. You can't take HCG while you're injecting testosterone.

So, you don't want to spend all your money on that. I'm sure. So, you start with HCG. So, I'm just telling what I've done myself exactly. 750 micrograms 3-5 days after is if you're doing SARS,   because that's getting out of your system a bit quicker. If you're doing a short cycle, start 3-5 days after with HCG. If you're doing an oral cycle, for example, if you’re taking any oral steroid, then start HCG 3-5 days after. Hopefully, that makes that's clear.

A bottle of HCG is going to be 5000 micrograms, so a bottle goes a long way. If you were doing an advance cycle, you use two bottles, but this is just one, it's not like a crazy cycle. So, every other day for four shots, you're going to do 750 micrograms. So, basically, if you're doing a long cycle, we want to do it about two and a half weeks after our last shot, it could be two weeks after. It's not going to be a huge difference maker. Just don't start right away. It's taking a long time to get into your system.

So, you did your last shot of testosterone. A week later you still feel like Superman. Two weeks later you're starting to feel less like Superman. And then, two weeks later it's getting back to normal. You're starting to feel like a normal level of testosterone. That's when we're starting the HCG here.

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