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How Tamoxifen is Used Both as per FDA and Off-Label


Medical uses for Tamoxifen as per the FDA

Hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. It's interesting that this was the first drug that was used and then a decade or so later came anastrozole of aromatase inhibitors and there's been substantial reports and studies showing that for most women anastrozole aromatase inhibition is actually better and more protective for treating breast cancer. But this is still a patient per patient decision - how to use Tamoxifen versus aromatase inhibitors for a woman or rarely man with breast cancer. The FDA as I stated prior is also given this medication Tamoxifen a clearance for prevention of potential breast cancer in a person that has high risk.

Now off-label use of this drug by the FDA and doctors do use it for decades is nostalgia which is actually used more for women than its breast pain. So, the sensitivity and breast pain. Now this is where we see it used off-label in the bodybuilding world for gynecomastia because essentially mastalgia in women is hormone related. It's kind of exacerbated or equal to analog of gynecomastia for men.

How Tamoxifen is Used Both as per FDA and Off-Label

It's also used off-label for infertility for women and ovulation cycle issues. Now it's amazing that I said initially this was the first indication in the 1960s and then that dropped and it just supplanted where you see it used for breast cancer.

How Tamoxifen is used by bodybuilders and classically with anabolic steroid using men

It's used for gynecomastia. Now the gynecomastia use for this drug and it's amazing that this movies men of learn this just in the streets totally for years it's used on cycle and it's used different much differently than a aromatase inhibitors because it's blocking the receptor cell site. It's not blocking systemically the conversion aromatization of antigens to estrogens. This is classic, it needs to be differentiated. So, it's used and it does work men use this for years when they're using other types of drugs – estrogenic, non-estrogenic, steroids. They'll use this for symptoms of gynecomastia, not to mention physical. Lumps. Which I think is too aggressive and we'll see why.

So, it is sustainable but the problem becomes that the untoward side-effects and the use of all the other polypharmacy you don't see bodybuilders and men using this in the steroid community for too long. They just don't stay on it very much too long unlike a aromatase inhibitors. Also classically used in the underground anecdotally the most classic is post psychotherapy. This is the classic use with the dual serves, which is used with clomiphene and Tamoxifen and human chorionic gonadotropin.

Now it's interesting in the classic regimen this anti estrogen is the longest used you'll see clomiphene is on board you'll see HCG is on board, but it's classic that as those are used initially to jumpstart and to bring back that hypothalamus pituitary gonad access failure, really heating the testicles and tickling the brain to increase the endogenous, FSH and LH and to bring back the testicles. This is used now over time there's a stop down approach. And it's been classically thought that Tamoxifen stays on board long or up to 45 days because it's a softer agent, versus Clomiphene. And I actually agree with that. And it's interesting that you'll see in my rationale for use that this drug can be used with other drugs for PCT, again, medically legitimate PCT and or as a sole agent.

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