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Facts on Nolvadex


Welcome everyone. Today I’m going to talk about Nolvadex and all the facts around it. So, Nolvadex is the trade name for the drug Tamoxifen citrate. That was first manufactured by Imperial Chemical Industries. Later that was purchased by Astra Zeneca, and they are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Currently Tamoxifen is on the World Health Organization's list of essential medicines.

Now, although on paper it might seem like it could be considered an aromatase inhibitor, it's, actually, much as a selective estrogen receptor modulator. So, the main medical use of Nolvadex is in treatment of both early and advanced breast cancer in pre and postmenopausal women. Also, it's the most common treatment for male breast cancer.

Facts on Nolvadex

The FDA has approved Nolvadex for the prevention of breast cancer in high-risk women with a recommended set at ten years. Studies have shown the 66% chance of reoccurrence of cancer drops. And another use for Tamoxifen in women is for infertility. Recommended dose is 10-40 milligrams per day during a woman's cycle.

Studies have shown that it possibly doubles the chance of pregnancy, and recently no index has been used to treat bipolar disorder, though the medical data on this is still being investigated. Now Nolvadex works very similarly to Clomid. It's an antagonist of the estrogen receptors, to which it binds itself preventing active estrogen from binding in its place.

Unlike aromatase inhibitors like Aromasin, Electro, Arimidex, which reduced the flow of estrogen in the body, Nolvadex merely blocks it from the receptor. This means that there's a greater chance of estrogen rebound effect.

As for bodybuilding, then in the late 80s Dan Shane was the one that speculated that Nolvadex could be used to help with gynecomastia. Since that time it has become popular as an anti-gynecomastia treatment and for on cycle use in guys that are prone to gyno.

Now, when gyno prone anabolic steroid users run aromatize in compounds things like testosterone Depot, they convert to estrogen. All right, this can lead to puffy nipples, bloating, blood pressure, increases erectile dysfunction and other estrogen related sides. No other decks can prevent some estrogen related side-effects from occurring, and it can hold the growth of gynecomastia, but in my opinion, using an AI is far more effective for overall estrogen control.

In practice Tamoxifen is best used to help boost your LH and total testosterone, and this will help you to recover from a cycle, which makes it quite a popular choice for post psychotherapy. A Clomiphene - Tamoxifen combination is the backbone of any post cycle therapy. It's not the whole thing, but it's the backbone.

So, how does Nolvadex work for post cycle therapy? Well, when somebody uses anabolic steroids, the pituitary realizes that it's getting too much hormones, so it goes dormant, and this sends your LH to near zero, and the body no longer produces its own testosterone.

In simple terms, your natural testosterone production just shuts down. So, when you come off a cycle, it's important to run post-psychotherapy. Tamoxifen does not mimic the LH in the body like HCG rather it stimulates the hypothesis to release more gonadotropins.

Tamoxifen works just like Clomid does by stopping estrogen from going into the pituitary, which manipulates it into producing LH, in turn it then signals the cells to produce testosterone. Many users of Nolvadex have run blood work showing LH levels rise from zero to over 10, which is above the normal reference range for an adult male. And, as a result of this, your testosterone levels then go up.

So, it's important to remember that these testosterone spikes are only temporary, while you're on. Once you come off, they're going to normalize with the foreign hormones out of your body. Milligram per milligram, Nolvadex is, actually, a lot stronger than Clomid is. They're similar, and they both prevent the estrogen from binding to receptors’ work and cause a problem.  It's up to the user to decide which one they prefer through experience, but I always recommend using both of them during PCT, but for gynecomastia Tamoxifen is, definitely, the superior choice.

Some users swear by Nolvadex, others prefer Clomid. Some users complain about reduced libido, others say that it increases libido. I believe that the negativity with Tamoxifen itself is because people don't know how to dose it properly, and they run it too high. There's no need to ever go over 40 milligrams of Tamoxifen per day, and then you end up dropping down to 20 milligrams per day.

There is evidence about Nolvadex that it upregulates progestin receptors. So, this means that if you run Tamoxifen along with the progestin, you're going to have a higher chance of developing progestin related side effects. This has got a lot of ongoing debate in both the medical and bodybuilding community. So, to be on the safe side I would recommend not mixing them together, but that's really your call.

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