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Today a lot of men use performance enhancers, when trying to build muscle. Such drugs suppress hormones and cause low levels of testosterone produced by the human’s body. After taking steroid or anabolic drugs, it will be very difficult for the body to restore normal testosterone levels. Therefore, it is important to take the PCT course correctly to accelerate the recovery process of your body.

When a man wants to build muscle, then testosterone plays a significant role in the process. It also influences on some other factors, such as overall well-being and mood. Lack of testosterone can lead to unpleasant symptoms, not to mention that you can lose muscle mass, which was built up as a result of taking steroid drugs.

Tamoxifen PCT

Typically, a person with low testosterone levels experiences such symptoms as depression, weakness and fatigue.

Without PCT, the body needs much time to recover, and the result of previous work will be lost.

PCT with Tamoxifen

Many people choose the drug Tamoxifen for PCT. Its initial purpose is the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. This drug is a SERM medication, and it has proven its effectiveness in normalizing hormone levels.

Method of Application

It is recommended to start PCT with the drug Tamoxifen approximately 2 weeks after the end of steroid therapy. The Tamoxifen course usually comprises 2-4 therapy weeks.

The total daily dosage is 20-40 mg, which is a sufficient dose to restore hormone levels. If you decide to take a higher dosage of the drug, then this can lead to unpleasant adverse reactions.

Sometimes a person is allowed to take certain other drugs in combination with Tamoxifen in order to achieve a more positive result in normalizing testosterone levels.

Side Effects

Like many other medications, Tamoxifen has a number of side effects. Common side effects include hot flashes, headache and nausea. If you feel severe unpleasant symptoms after using Tamoxifen, you should immediately consult the doctor.

Popular PCT Drugs

PCT course has a significant purpose in restoring the body after a cycle, so you should know which medications are the most popular and effective as post-cycle therapy drugs.

Thus, specialists distinguish Arimistane, Tamoxifen and Clomid from a variety of drugs. They all work in different ways and have a high degree of effectiveness as post-cycle drugs. It’s hard to say which of them is more effective.

It should be noted that among other medicines, taking Arimistane does not demand a doctor’s prescription, which makes it more affordable.

For a mild cycle with SARM drugs, it is sometimes recommended to use Rebirth PCT to restore testosterone levels, as Arimistane is a part of its components.

However, if you go through a hard cycle and use anabolic medications, then stronger drugs such as Tamoxifen or Clomid should be taken for PCT.

Before using any medicine, you should consult your doctor, study the action of the drug and learn about possible side effects. Only a specialist can determine which drug is the best for your PCT and will set the correct dosage. Do not adjust the dosage of the drug yourself, as this can lead to negative adverse effects. Do not take the medication in higher or lower doses than it was prescribed to you, as this will harm your health and disrupt the process of the hormones restoring.

PCT course will be successful and testosterone levels will quickly return to normal if you follow all your specialist’s recommendations and take the medication according to the instructions.