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The drug Tamoxifen is a medicine that is often used as a part of hormonal therapy for the treatment of such a disease as prostate cancer. The action of the medication is intended to slow down the growth of cancer. Also, the active substance of Tamoxifen helps to normalize the level of testosterone hormone among men.

It should be noted that before taking this medicine, patients should consult a doctor, carefully read the instructions for use of the drug and study the list of possible side effects that may occur after taking the Tamoxifen medication. Possible adverse reactions usually arise because of hormonal disorders, and Tamoxifen is a hormonal drug. It is a prescription medicine and if you want to purchase it in a pharmacy, then you should get a doctor’s prescription.

A common side effect, which usually occurs as a result of anti-androgenic therapy, is chest pain and gynecomastia, which appear due to the growth of breast tissue, which occurs because of an increase in estrogen levels caused by anti-androgenic medications.

Tamoxifen and Anti-Androgenic Therapy

Recently, some German scientists and medical specialists conducted a survey on the Tamoxifen medicine, which was aimed at studying the action and effectiveness of this medication for the treatment of the breast diseases, which were caused by the cycle of anti-androgenic therapy. As for Tamoxifen, then it can be taken as an anti-estrogenic medication within the patients suffering from breast cancer.

The studies that were aimed at the analysis of the Tamoxifen medication have established that this medicine can be prescribed to men suffering from gynecomastia, because the medication has shown its effectiveness in this area of application. The studied method of treatment may be an alternative to surgery. Positive results, in comparison with other treatment methods, were observed during the treatment of the mammary gland diseases, which appeared as a result of a course of taking anti-androgenic medications.

Further long-term clinical trials on the drug Tamoxifen are expected to be conducted soon. They should be aimed at establishing the correct dosage and studying the possible side reactions that may occur when using Tamoxifen for the treatment of gynecomastia within men.

Tamoxifen for Gyno

Scientists point out that the results that were established after a previous survey, which was connected with the drug Tamoxifen, show its promising potential for the direct treatment of gynecomastia. However, in order to completely prove and indicate its effectiveness, additional clinical trials should be conducted.

Tamoxifen to Suppress Breast Disorders

According to the statistics, about 70% of people, who had a course of anti-androgenic treatment, received breast disorders as side effects, which was a main reason of finishing the therapy. According to the opinion of the specialists, who have studied the effects of Tamoxifen, this medicine may be effective in suppressing a side effect such as a breast disorder caused by taking anti-androgenic drugs. If Tamoxifen is used in combination with anti-androgenic medicines, the likelihood of the occurrence of any problems with the mammary gland will be significantly reduced.

If the use of Tamoxifen for this purpose is fully studied and approved, then the patients undergoing anti-androgenic treatment will receive a good chance to protect themselves from unwanted symptoms associated with breast disorders, and they will experience much more comfort during their therapy.