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A SERM medication Tamoxifen is a medicine, which is initially intended for the breast cancer therapy. Sometimes this drug is used by men in order to restore testosterone levels after having steroid therapy.

According to some statistics, the cases of breast cancer among men are very rare. However, such cases are observed. As a rule, only 1 out of 1000 men may experience breast cancer.

Men suffering from breast cancer often take the medicine Tamoxifen as a part of hormone treatment.

According to the research, taking Tamoxifen within some men may cause the occurrence of serious adverse reactions, and in 20% of cases, taking this medication was stopped according to the doctor’s indication.

The patients having hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer need undergoing hard hormone therapy, as well as using other medications, which are intended for the breast cancer therapy.

Tamoxifen for Men

The research of the years 1999-2009 was based on a study of 126 cases of breast cancer within men. Most of them were diagnosed at an early stage of the disease. Some of the men got the diagnosis at a hard disease stage. 64 men took the Tamoxifen medication as a part of hormone therapy.

Application Tips

Before taking the medicine, you should attentively read the instructions for use. Follow the correct dosage, as your doctor prescribed. If after taking the medication you began feeling unwell or experiencing any unpleasant symptoms, then it is recommended to contact your doctor immediately and get some advice from the specialist. Do not take the medication at a higher or lower dosage than was prescribed to you by the doctor.

If you have breast cancer, you will probably be prescribed the medication Tamoxifen as a part of your treatment. In no case take the drug without a doctor’s prescription, as this can be dangerous for your health.

Constantly inform the doctor about any changes in your symptoms and discuss the measures you should observe in order to minimize the risk of the occurrence of potential side reactions. In the case if you are not sure about your hormone therapy and the medication you have been prescribed, then you can discuss with the doctor possible alternative methods of treating breast cancer that would be effective.

When finishing taking the medicine yourself, you should talk to your doctor and describe to him all the bad symptoms that you are experiencing. Perhaps, this drug is not appropriate for you, and the doctor will prescribe another medication.

Side Effects

As for the side reactions that may occur after taking Tamoxifen medication, then they are usually the same for all the patients, regardless of sex. Common side effects include: blood clots, hot flashes, vision problems, memory problems, weight gain and sexual problems.

Seldom adverse reactions include the following symptoms: bone pain, mood swings, leg cramps and sleeping problems.

The patients, who stopped taking the drug according to the specialist’s indication or on their own, had the following adverse reactions: severe vision problems, hard leg cramps, severe blood clots, bone pain, and serious sexual problems.

As for the study, 22% of the men with breast cancer, taking Tamoxifen, experienced sexual problems and weight gain. 20% of the patients received unacceptable adverse reactions and had to stop taking the drug Tamoxifen. 13% of the men experienced hot flashes. 9% of the patients had some problems with mental activities and blood clots. Only 3% of the patients experienced vision problems.