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The hormonal medication Tamoxifen is often prescribed to people with breast cancer. This anti-estrogenic medicine is taken when ER + breast cancer is observed.

The drug Tamoxifen helps to suppress estrogen that stimulates the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Taking Tamoxifen will not be effective if the patient’s cancer is negative for hormone receptors.

This medicine is usually prescribed when breast cancer is in its infancy and also sometimes for the treatment of local recurrence of breast cancer. If a patient has a secondary breast cancer, then this medicine can be effective as a hormonal treatment.

The drug Tamoxifen can also be taken as a prevention against breast cancer for people who are predisposed to this disease and who have a high risk of developing this type of cancer. It is important for those people who are genetically predisposed to breast cancer.

Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer

Thus, taking Tamoxifen is not only a treatment method, but also a way to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Method of Application

The drug Tamoxifen is available in the form of tablets or liquids. Typically, a total daily dosage, which is prescribed to the patients with breast cancer, is the dose of 20 mg. The drug is taken at the same time 1 time per day. In no case you should take a higher dosage than your doctor prescribed.

If for some reason you forgot taking the medicine in time, then the next day you should not take two drug doses at the same time. In this case you should skip the forgotten dosage and continue taking the medicine as planned. If you began to experience any symptoms that disturb you, and you do not want to continue taking this medication for any reason, then you should consult your doctor about your decision. Perhaps the withdrawal of taking this medication will be inappropriate in your situation.

Also, the patients should take into account the fact that a sudden finishing of the therapy can lead to dangerous consequences for their health.

During the hormonal treatment, the patient usually passes the necessary medical tests and undergoes examinations in order to check the menopausal status, as this depends on the type of hormone therapy that the doctor prescribes.

The period of treatment with the drug Tamoxifen is set only by your physician, because this aspect is individual for each patient. In the case of primary cancer, the period of taking this medicine can be 5-10 years.

Side Effects

A lot of medications can cause the occurrence of various adverse reactions and Tamoxifen is not an exception. Each organism has a different reaction to different medicines. Many patients may receive serious adverse effects, while others do not receive any negative symptoms at all. Even if you get some negative side effects, you should not stop taking the drug without your doctor’s advice.

The most common adverse reactions that can occur as a result of taking Tamoxifen are menopause withdrawal symptoms, such as sleep problems, hot flashes, dryness or itching of the vagina, sexual problems, decreased libido, and mood swings.

Before using the drug Tamoxifen, you must study the complete list of possible side effects and carefully read the instructions for use of the drug. Ask the doctor about the drug’s action and discuss any risks for your health with your physician. During the therapy with the Tamoxifen medication, you should attentively follow the doctor’s recommendations and inform the doctor about all the symptoms and changes you are experiencing.