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Top 5 TAMOXIFEN Side Effects (Including DEADLY!)

Most importantly. And this comes from the FDA. I'll compare and contrast the FDA says severe side effects of this drug are strokes, DVTs and developing clots. Classically in the lower limbs that can go up into the lungs it's called a pulmonary embolism it could be very deadly.

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How Tamoxifen is Used Both as per FDA and Off-Label

Hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. It's interesting that this was the first drug that was used and then a decade or so later came anastrozole of aromatase inhibitors and there's been substantial reports and studies showing that for most women anastrozole aromatase inhibition is actually better and more protective for treating breast cancer.

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Facts About TAMOXIFEN You Didn't Know!

This is another classic anti estrogen that's been used by the bodybuilding community and men that are using anabolic androgenic steroids for many years. Actually, since the 1990s.

The utility of this drug is more focused than the other drugs. This is specifically for uncycle or PCT gynecomastia and specifically as a regimen with other drugs for post cycle therapy.

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