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Things Interfering Tamoxifen’s Effectiveness

There are three things that can interfere with Tamoxifen. Is it possible that medications or food could interfere with Tamoxifen? Many women have wondered whether they're getting the most from their anti-estrogen therapy. After all, it's important to know that your therapy is working.

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Breast Cancer Treatment, Fertility Concerns

The intention of this study was to look at younger patients with a diagnosis of breast cancer, who have been identified as a at-risk population for poor initiation and continuation of Tamoxifen.

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Breast Cancer Hormone Therapy, Tamoxifen and Side Reactions

In general, medical oncologists have three toolboxes. The first toolbox, which most people are afraid of and commonly know of, is chemotherapy. The next tool box is endocrine or hormone therapy. Some breast cancers use lady hormone receptors to help themselves grow. If you can get rid of what those receptors are binding to in order to help them grow, then you can drastically harm that cancer and cut down its dividing right.

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Supplements during Tamoxifen Therapy

Hi, I'm Dr. Jay Harness. With my patients, who are on Tamoxifen, I'm often asked the question if there are any supplements that they can or cannot take while being on Tamoxifen therapy.

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Low Levels of Testosterone within Men

It's a common problem, which is typically associated with age. It's a very complex situation, and it needs to be look into it, because it really affects the quality of life of the patients. Between the ages of 30 and 40 men start to lose testosterone by 1% each year. It could happen at any age. Obviously, the older the patient is the lower that could be.

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Breast Cancer and Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal therapy is essential for estrogen sensitive breast cancers. If you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, there's an 80% chance that your tumor is estrogen receptor-positive. This means that you will benefit from estrogen blocking medications, usually pills, for up to 10 years. But your survival decrease the chance of your cancer, coming back in assets, lessening the chance that you could die of your estrogen receptor-positive cancer.

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Higher Rates of Anastrozole Compared with Tamoxifen

There is the big fuss about DCIS and people are thinking of adding more therapies first of all to it, because there is a new one. DCIS is a risk factor for surgery. So, to keep it from coming back or from escalating to invasive cancer with the possibility of metastases seems a sensible thing if you have a safe and effective way of doing that.

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Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

We have focused our attention on the drug Tamoxifen. That's a bit paradoxical, because Tamoxifen has no effect on basically breast cancers. But Tamoxifen has two activities. It's a very interesting drug. It has an activity on receptors called estrogen receptors. And the way, in which it works for the most widely treated type of breast cancer, is that it blocks the estrogen receptors.

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